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Hüseyin Ali Nesin (İstanbul, 1956)

Director of the Nesin Foundation (since 1995)

Academician at İstanbul Bilgi Universty (since 1996)

Director general of the Nesin Publishing House (since 2004)

Founder of Nesin Mathematics, Art and Philosoph Villages (since 2007)


The Nesin Foundation was founded by Turkish writer Aziz Nesin with the aim of taking in children with educational needs, and ensuring their development as people who are socially responsible and self confident givers.


Our mathematics curriculum is modeled on those of the world's leading departments. Throughout the first two years of intensive study, students acquire the basics of abstract mathematics (basic sets theory, analysis and abstract algebra) and the skill of mathematical thinking.


Nesin Publishing House was founded on December, 2004. It’s founding purpose is to publish all the books written by Aziz Nesin, to collect his writtings into a book which are not yet published and to transfer the most of its income to the Nesin Fondation.


The Nesin Mathematics Village perched on a hillside and overflowing with greenery, it is a place where young and old learn, teach, and think about mathematics in peaceful remoteness. Unpretentious and unostentatious, the houses made out of rock, straw and clay give off a simple welcoming air.